Bx19 Named The Bronx’s Slowest Bus; Bx3 Most Unreliable

Once again, the Bx19 was named The Bronx’s slowest bus in the borough by the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign and TransitCenter’s annual Pokie and Schleppie Awards.

Last year the Bx19 came was also named the slowest in The Bronx along with the Bx21 as the most unreliable but this year the latter has been replaced by the Bx3 as the most unreliable in our borough according to the report.

The Bx19, which runs between The New York Botanical Garden and Riverbank State Park in Manhattan, runs with an average speed of 4.8 mph and came in as the 6th slowest in New York City.

NYC’s second most unreliable bus route, the Bx3 running between Riverdale and the George Washington Bridge in Manhattan saw 19.2% of its buses arriving bunched which means not spaced apartment according to their schedules but more than 1 or 2 at the same time because of delays along their routes.

11 stops will be removed from the Bx19 Route if proposed Bronx Bus Network Redesign goes into effect as is. Maybe that will help?

But fret not, folks, because this year’s slowest buses didn’t get lower. In fact, they’re faster by 0.1mph faster according to the report (LOL).

We’re hoping that the drastic changes that are being proposed by the Bronx Bus Network Redesign will help with this but not at the expense of cutting certain routes back too much.

So, we know most of you like arguing with data and facts so we’ll ask, do you agree with these two routes being selected as the worst?

Which ones do you think are the worst of the bunch?

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Ed García Conde

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