BREAKING NEWS: Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo Removed From Ballot For Fraud

After years of escaping accusations of fraud, the law finally has caught up with Assemblywoman Carmen.

The New York State Court of Appeals has overturned a ruling that would have allowed Arroyo to remain on the ballot for the upcoming democratic primary due to fraud.

Earlier this year, Amanda Séptimo, who is running against the incumbent Arroyo who’s held the seat for 26 years, had charged the assemblywoman with fraudulent collection of petition signatures which are needed to appear on the ballot.

Arroyo’s signatures were found to be full of dates that had been altered as well as signatures dated days before it was permissible.

Séptimo released the following statement regarding the decision:

“I am heartened by the New York State Court of Appeals’ decision to remove my opponent, Carmen Arroyo, from the ballot due to widespread fraud.

“Insurgent candidates often see the election process weaponized against us. Yet this was not a case of technicalities —but rather what happens when people believe the rules of our democracy no longer apply to them. With this decision, the court has made clear that every candidate must campaign honestly.

“For years, the South Bronx has been stuck in cycles of poverty and stagnation because of leaders that could not see behind their own interests —and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on our community makes this clearer than ever. Our community deserves leadership that is thoughtful, compassionate, and willing to do what it takes to reform broken systems.

“I look forward to continuing a campaign that centers conversations about how to do the work that moves us all forward!”

Arroyo has yet to release a statement but we can certainly say this is a new day in the South Bronx and finally some new blood can represent its people.

This article was updated on May 22, 2020 at 9:12PM EST to add Amanda Séptimo’s statement.

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