South Bronx residents have new waterfront park to enjoy

PORT MORRIS—A new waterfront park is now open to the public along the Harlem River in the South Bronx.

Located at the foot of the Third Avenue Bridge leading into Manhattan, the new waterfront park is part of the Bankside luxury development that is gentrifying the neighborhood but thanks to provisions within the Special Harlem River Waterfront Rezoning, any development within the rezoned area must provide a Shore Public Walkway.

A new waterfront promenade is now open to the public in the South Bronx

Eventually, this area will link to the greater network along the Harlem River Greenway that is currently under planning stages and will stretch for 7 miles from Van Cortlandt Park in Riverdale, down to Randall’s Island.

The new park offers plenty of seating and lounge deck chairs to sit back and enjoy the outdoors, sun, and the views of the Harlem River. According to a sign within the park, it’s open as late as 1AM.

The new waterfront park offers plenty of seating areas

While the new waterfront promenade must be made accessible to the public, there is currently no signage indicating its location provided by neither the developers nor the city making it almost feel like local Bronx residents who have lived there their entire lives aren’t wanted.

But Welcome2TheBronx being Welcome2TheBronx is here to rectify this and ensure that our residents get to enjoy this public resource that many residents across the city get to enjoy along their waterfronts.

For far too long, The Bronx has been cut off from our waterfronts so it’s important that residents are aware of such locations once they are opened.

While the overwhelming majority of local residents cannot afford to live at Bankside where rents are typically over $5,000 for a two-bedroom apartment, at the very least we can enjoy the waterfront park.

A few local residents have found the park but many don’t know it even exists

Currently, the only way to access the park is either by going through Third at Bankside at 2385 Third Avenue or on the other side of the bridge at Lincoln at Bankside. At the moment, you can’t travel between both sections of the park as the connection underneath the Third Avenue Bridge has yet to be constructed.

Enjoy your waterfront!

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