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Riverdale Country School, Nation’s 4th Most Expensive Private School, Begs City to Pay For New Pool, Theatre, & Gym

While many schools in The Bronx are suffering from lack of decent facilities and programming, the Riverdale Country School in Fieldston (split between 2 campuses in the neighborhood on 27.5 acres) is begging for $52 million in tax-free bonds to construct a new pool, theater, and gym for the country’s fourth most expensive school.

The kindergarten through high school private institution is a school where tuition is a staggering $45,600 a year student and it is unconscionable for them to ask for such monies while so many public schools in our borough barely have adequate facilities for their own students.

Monroe College hosts hundreds of HS Students for Female Empowerment

Monroe College is but one of the many institutions of higher learning in the Borough of Colleges and Universities that is The Bronx. It is one of the most accessible to many of our residents and not only does Monroe provide quality education and training but the school helps each and every student every step of the way in preparing them for their future.

But Monroe College doesn’t just help its own, it also helps the community and our youth and one of such ways was yesterday’s Inspire to Aspire Female Empowerment for High School students which was attended by hundreds of young girls along with WABC-TV news anchor Sade Baderinwa who delivered the keynote speech.

NYTIMES Exclusive: Harper Lee Lawyer Offers More Details on Discovery of New Book

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is a book all of us remember as being one of the many required reading tomes during our school years. This was true whether you lived in The Bronx or across the country.

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that over 50 years after Harper Lee’s landmark story set in racially segregated Alabama of 1930s was published, a manuscript had surfaced written by Lee and is a sequel called ‘Go Set A Watchman’ starring the many of the same characters such as Atticus Finch and Scout, this time set in the 1950s.

Bronx Kids Who Beat 350 Teams In Country To Create Math App Will Be Featured in Black History Month Verizon Ad

The Bronx really does it best.

Six 13 year old students from The Bronx who attend the Bronx Academy of Promise edged out 350 other teams across the country for a chance to create a math app in a contest sponsored by Verizon. Now these industrious Bronx children have an increased thirst for the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) where people of color make up less than 10% of the workforce in this industry and they will also be featured in a Verizon ad that will run all month long for Black History Month.

Seats Still Available at New School in Mott Haven

Family Life Academy Charter Schools III is a new school located at 296 East 140th Street in the Lower Concourse area of Mott Haven. The school currently has two (2) open seats for Kindergarten children and twenty (20) seats for First Graders.

The school offers rigorous curriculum by certified teachers and features iPads in every classroom for student educational uses. Dance programs as well as health and wellness programs are available for all grades as well as balanced and nutritious meals.

For more information, contact Ms Jeanette Iglesias at 718-665-2805 Mon- Fri from 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Arts Education In The Bronx Is In Crisis, New Report Shows

Unfortunately this is isn’t news to Bronx residents and in particular, the people of the South Bronx: Schools located in lower income neighborhoods are severely lacking in Arts Education or do not have any arts-based programs at all.
A new report issued by New York City Comptroller, Scott M. Stringer, shows that The Bronx and Brooklyn account for nearly 50% of schools without an arts program. The report, which identifies schools throughout the city that suffer the same fate is a first step in rectifying the situation.

Japanese-Bronx Poetry Exchange: Connecting Young Poets Across The Globe

February 23, 2014, two classrooms on opposite sides of the globe were connected for an exciting first step into an on-going international poetry exchange project. The Japanese-Bronx Poetry Exchange is the first program of its kind, bridging the cultural divide between students in the Bronx and Japan through the use of poetry and video conferencing.