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Protecting Our History, Protecting Our Landmarks in The Bronx

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th, at the District Office of Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson for a meeting with the Historic District Council and how they can help us help our beloved Bronx landmarks (official and unofficial). Space is limited so PLEASE RSVP to auntermyr[at]hdc[dot]org!

HDC’s Director of Advocacy and Community Outreach, Kelly Carroll and Deputy Director Adrian Untermyer will be attending this meeting and training.

Immaculate Conception Church in Melrose Prioritized for Landmarking After 36 Years Since First Introduced for Preservation

36 years ago in 1980, Immaculate Conception Church in the Melrose neighborhood of The Bronx, along with its convent, rectory, and priests’ residence was calendered for landmarking by New York City’s Landmark Preservation Commission but nothing happened.

Until this past Tuesday.

LPC removed 65 properties from the calendar, many of which sat for decades waiting for action, but kept Immaculate Conception and prioritized for designation as a landmark by year’s end pending further hearings and a vote.

The Bronx’s Clay Avenue Historic District Selected as One of ‘Six to Celebrate’

Located in Morrisania on Clay Avenue between 165th and 166th Streets, this tiny historic district has been selected by New York City’s Historic District Council’s ‘Six to Celebrate’ which, unbeknownst to many, sits on the former Fleetwood Trotting Track, a horse racing course.

Entering it’s fourth year, the program highlights six areas as the agency provides year long support not just in shining a spotlight but also helping with issues the district or organization may be facing.

Welcome2TheBronx to Receive Historic District Council’s Grassroots Preservation Award

This year, along with other organizations and residents from throughout New York City, Welcome2TheBronx™ will be receiving the Historic District Council Grassroots Preservation Award—the very organization who has been involved in the creation of almost all of the 110 historic districts in New York City.

According to HDC Deputy Director Nadezhda Williams, Welcome2TheBronx™ was chosen, “as the 2015 Grassroots Award Friend in the Media winner for your coverage of landmark and land use issues in The Bronx including the sad story of PS 31.”

City Set to Demolish ‘The Castle on The Concourse’ PS 31 Despite Engineering Reports Stating That It’s Salvageable


The community has been battling to save the landmark PS 31 aka ‘The Castle on The Concourse’ ever since we found that the city wanted to demolish this beloved treasure.

The City testified saying that it couldn’t withstand more storms and was a public hazard and YET 2 brutal winters have passed SINCE the June 2013 hearings at Community Board 1, PS 31 is STILL standing and is in the same condition.

After Over 3 Years Since Designation, Grand Concourse Historic District Signage is Finally Being Installed

In October of 2011, after almost two years from being calendared for consideration, of community meetings, historical studies, and testimonies from residents, homeowners and landlords alike, the New York City Landmarks Commission created the Grand Concourse Historic District stretching from 153rd Street and the Grand Concourse, all the way up to 167th Street.

Now, over 3 years later since that designation, the terracotta colored street signs with white lettering which mark a historic district, are finally being installed with signs at 161st Street and Grand Concourse and west on 161st and Walton.