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Parkchester Receives Staggering “Temporary” 15.19% Common Charge Hike For Capital Improvements

Parkchester South Condominiums, the largest of the two separate condominiums that make up Parkchester—with 8,286 of the more than 12,000 units in the complex— is undergoing major capital improvements yet again. But this time rather than taking loans out, they will instead institute a temporary 15.19% common charge hike across the board for all units in the development to pay for these improvements.

Needless to say, this isn’t sitting well with residents and home owners at one of the largest condo developments in the world. Residents have been organizing against this fee and have a rally scheduled for this coming Wednesday, February 10th, at 4pm at 2000 E Tremont Avenue.

Bronx Boro Prez Unveils Study for Possible Development Over Concourse Rail Yards

Last year, Bronx Borough Developer, I mean President Ruben Diaz Jr called to study three Bronx rail yards for possible decking to spur further development throughout our borough.

Today he has issued the findings of the report which singles out the Concourse Yards in Bedford Park and nixing out the 149th Street yards in Melrose and Broadway Yards in Riverdale as currently logistically unfeasible.

Thank You Doctor Zizmor! Renowned Dermatologist Retires; Sells Bronx Mansion for $3.075 Million

If you have been living in New York City for the last several decades (since the early 1980s to be more precise) then you know who Jonathan Zizmor, MD is. He’s the famed dermatologist who’s subway ads have been splattered everywhere—and haven’t been changed much in as long as he’s been in business.

Now, just as his mansion in the Fieldston section of Riverdale in The Bronx has finally entered contract to be sold for $3,075,000, Zizmor has shut his offices to his practice for good at the age of 70.

‘Jesus’ Mansion Constructed For His ‘Second Coming’ is For Sale in The Bronx for $10 Million

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Tucked away on the bluffs of Riverdale is a mansion that was constructed specifically to be the residence of Christianity’s Messiah, Jesus Christ, which he’s supposed to occupy on his Second Coming—all for $10 million. (The property was listed numerous times including 2009 when it was originally listed for $15 million).

It’s Illegal For Landlords to Deny Housing For Those Receiving Aid

Bronxites see it all the time: An ad for the perfect apartment which they can afford but then the line that sinks their hopes—”sorry, no Section 8 or programs.”

Many hard working Bronx residents working low wage jobs, qualify for such lifelines like rental assistance to get them by and even those who are unemployed for health reasons too.

But it is illegal, yes illegal, for a landlord to deny housing to someone based on their legal income which includes section 8 programs and the likes.

Councilwoman Arroyo’s Abrupt Retirement, More Food Along the 2 Train, & The Worst Slumlords|Bronx AM Links

This morning’s top stories (we didn’t forget about you yesterday, there just wasn’t enough newsworthy items for a list!) are the abrupt resignation by the scandal plagued Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, more great restaurants along the 2 (and 5) train, and the worst slumlords in The Bronx as Public Advocate Letitia James took a tour of one of the worst buildings. (See the full list in the link)

Bronx Boro Board and Prez Votes No on Changes to Zoning Text

Last week we reported that 9 of 12 Bronx Community Boards had voted down any changes to the zoning text for Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Affordability and Quality—a cornerstone for Mayor de Blasio’s housing plan to preserve and create 200,000 units of “affordable” housing.

Now, this morning, The Bronx Borough Board and the BP has voted no on MIH and ZAQ which seems to align that with the wishes of the residents of The Bronx as well as with many similar increasing sentiments around New York City.

Now just because Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr voted no, don’t let your guard down just yet.

Overcrowded Apartments in The Bronx on The Rise; Is This What’s Overburdening Our Mass Transit?

Last week The Real Deal talked about how it appeared that certain developments may be responsible for a 9% increase in subway ridership in The Bronx between 2009 and 2014 and while that may be the case for a few of the stations, none of the others are proximate to actual new developments to account for increases as high as 34% at 176th Street on the 4 line.

While looking at the infographic above, there have been no major developments constructed in the East Bronx in Eastchester near the Gun Hill Road Station on the 5 Dyre Avenue line which saw a 28% increase in ridership and the same goes for Parkchester which saw a 19% jump. Kingsbridge and Bedford Park Boulevard along the 4 train, which saw a jump of 11% and 10% respectively also didn’t have any major new construction housing to account for such large increases.

Could lack of housing and truly affordable housing be the reason?

Shell Companies Defrauding Homeowners From Their Deeds; Protect Your Property!

What do you do if the person you thought was helping you keep your home was in fact taking it right from under your feet?

Sometimes Bronx homeowners and families find themselves in desperate situations whether due to a bleak economic downturn or health issues both which can lead to unemployment or underemployment.

This leaves this segment of the population vulnerable to predators from all sides who will claim to help save your home but in reality are conspiring to take it away from you.

The New York Times has published a special report on the never ending scam of shell companies which promise the world to desperate homeowners and without the homeowner realizing, their homes are taken away from them.

South Bronx Rebranding Begins With Billboard Proclaiming ‘The Piano District’

Developers Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group who are planning as many as six 25 story residential market rate towers (of which 3 have already been filed with the Department of Buildings for construction) has put up a new billboard proclaiming the area of Port Morris as the ‘Piano District’.

The billboard is prominently aimed at Manhattan and drivers who are heading home to the posh suburbs of Westchester County and Connecticut as they head on home, easily viewing the sign.

The billboard promises, luxury waterfront living, world-class dining, fashion, art, and architecture in a neighborhood where the majority are living well below the poverty line and are fighting for their very lives as they suffer health disparities disproportionately more than others across the city.