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New Transit Map Will Make Connecting Between Buses & Subways Easy in The Bronx & NYC 

Let’s get one thing straight. I. Hate. Buses. Like I really hate having to take one and I rather walk than get on one and get car sick with the stop and go rhythm as it creeps a few inches with traffic congestion keeping it from speeding down the road.

Add to that that for whatever reason our MTA system thinks that there shouldn’t be some sort of fully integrated transit map so you’re always flipping back and forth between subway and bus maps trying to make heads or tail of it all.

The Bronx is Buggin’ — Study Shows Borough Has Most Diverse Microbes In NYC’s Subway System

As most native New Yorkers, we tend to often not think about all the germs, microbes, and fauna that coats the subways and bus system we ride daily and depend on. We’re in such denial about them that it’s like breathing — we don’t think about it.

A new study from conducted Weill Cornell Medical College now reveals, that after 18 months of swabbing and collecting samples at every single subway station in New York City (except 2 in Brooklyn which were closed), The Bronx has the most diverse microbes in the entire system. But no need for alarm since most are not considered a danger with only 12% in that category but even then, researchers claimed there wasn’t enough of them for concern.

UPDATE: NYC Subway & Buses Shutting Down at 11PM TONIGHT; Coastal Flood Warning For Bronx

The MTA finds itself, once again, shutting down its entire network again as winter storm Juno bears down on the Northeast. Make sure you get home before then or find yourself in a secure location if you’re not able to make it home in time.

Beginning at 11PM, ALL MTA SUBWAY LINES AND BUSES WILL BE SHUT DOWN as well as commuter rail lines, on Metro North and the LIRR.

Hold on to Your Money! Move NY’s Congestion Pricing Proposal Is Deeply Flawed

In his New York Daily News op-ed, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. discussed the newest proposal by Move NY to impose tolls on the currently free East River bridges and for driving in Manhattan below 60th Street. The novelty in this proposal is that prices on bridges close to mass transit would be raised while those in “transit deserts” would be lowered. In spite of herculean efforts by proponents to avoid the term, Diaz correctly identified this proposal as “congestion pricing.”

Co-op City Can Have A Subway!

One of the most glaring transit deserts in the Bronx is Co-op City. This development with some 44,000 residents, as well as the northeast Bronx, is in dire need of a new subway line. And it can become a reality if the abandoned trackways of the Bronx Amtrak line are put to use.

Via Verde Scoops Up Yet Another Award

Via Verde, the award-winning “green” development, which changed the game plan on what affordable housing can be and looks like just won another award —this time from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Extend The 3 Train to the Bronx

Prior to Bloomberg taking office, the neighborhoods of Highbridge, Morris Heights and University Heights were already transit starved.  Due to it’s steep topography, the West Bronx remains as topographically isolated today as it was in the late 1800’s when Cromwell’s Creek ran north up up the valley beyond 167th Street.