New Neighborhood To Be Created In The Bronx: Hello Cromwell-Jerome?


Apparently new land has appeared overnight in The Bronx that will be developed and branded Cromwell-Jerome.

Well that’s not quite what happened but after reading Denis Slattery’s story in the Daily News, about City Planning’s intention to re-christen an existing neighborhood with a new name, it might as well be.

The area in question is carved out of sections of areas of Highbridge and Mount Eden West of the Grand Concourse and Jerome Avenue (and thus the 4 train) acting as the spine of this “new” neighborhood and would be the result of rezoning this 57 block area to promote more residential developments in the area.

How do you feel about such efforts?  Do you think the area is in need of rezoning and rebranded with a new name?

The article in the New York Daily News says:

The city will involve multiple agencies in planning the new neighborhood, Samol said, keeping an eye on supporting economic development and affordable housing, improving parks and making the streets safer for pedestrians. The project will support Mayor de Blasio’s housing plan, which calls for 200,000 affordable units to be built or preserved over the next decade. A cornerstone of that blueprint is to encourage local involvement — and residents said they will be happy to oblige. “This is definitely a bottom-up approach and we’re thrilled to see this,” said Jose Rodriguez, the district manager of Bronx Community Board 4, which has been pushing for an analysis of the under-utilized area for years.

But are residents happy to comply? So far we’ve only heard from Jose Rodriguez, the district manager for CB4 so we’d like to hear from you, the residents on this issue.  Let us know in the comments below.

Read about the Cromwell-Jerome Study Area at NYC City Planning’s website:


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Ed García Conde

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