The Fight for The South Bronx Waterfront: $2 Billion Housing Development Proposed For Same Site as $700 Million Soccer Stadium

Yesterday we reported on Related and Somerset’s $700 million proposal to develop 13 acres of the Harlem River Yards in Port Morris which would include a soccer stadium and 550 affordable housing units but another proposal was submitted proposing 2,000 units of much mixed housing which would include “affordable” housing as well.

Today, Crain’s reports on L+M and Onmi New York’s proposal for the site which would cost $2.2 billion for a significant open space along the waterfront with a medical facility run by Montefiore Medical Center as well as retail and a school.

Their proposal is much more robust than just simply 550 units of housing and a soccer stadium that the community doesn’t really want and has fought against it moving here.

It includes opportunities for businesses like Morris Perk, and The Bronx Beer Hall as well and KD New York, a garment manufacturer per Crain’s article.

Rendering via L+M and Omni New York

The unanswered question is how many units would be affordable and would they be permanently affordable? If you have to take one or the other, we’d pick housing over a stadium but it should be skewed towards affordable housing or rather truly affordable housing.

Actually, there’s no room for market in the neighborhood, it really should just strictly be affordable.

Preferably, we’d want the land to be developed into much needed green space like South Bronx Unite’s  Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan for the area

What do you think about these recent developments?


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