The Bronx is beautiful and truly a wonderful place with such rich history and culture that I’m proud to say that I love The Bronx. I want to share that world with you and love to read your comments on the issues of the day that challenge us as a community.


Two Women Bring The Bronx to New Zealand

Although negative stereotypes of The Bronx still persist around the world and even right here in our own country and city, in recent years more and more of the plethora of positive aspects of our culture is gaining worldwide recognition. To see this blossoming on a global scale, for us, is an amazing phenomenon considering…

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South Bronx Unite to de Blasio and City—No New Prisons: Not in the South Bronx, Not Anywhere

We unequivocally reject the city’s plan to site a new jail at 320 Concord Avenue in our South Bronx neighborhood, and we oppose the construction of any new jails in New York City. The decision to construct a new jail in the South Bronx, made without any input from the local community, is a slap…

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